Table Top Drum Grater Vegetable Slicer

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Shop for Manual Hand Speedy Mandoline Slicer With 3 Round Stainless Steel Blades Tabletop Drum Grater on It is a Mandoline Slicer, or a Rotary Grater It is Easy to Setup, Easy to Use, and Easy to Clean. A must have kitchen gadget! Easy to Setup - Place the base on a flat smooth countertop - Install the food chopper dispenser - Install the drum blade and the rotating handle Kindly Note: Do not place the base on a coarse countertop - like a wood top or it may not suction well Easy to Use Put the food into the food hopper dispenser Press the food down with one hand and rotate the crank handle with another hand Put the food pusher on top of the last bit of the remaining food Press the food pusher down with one hand and rotate the the crank handle with another hand until the remaining food is fully grated Easy To Wash Clean with a rinse of water and light scrubbing Dishwasher safe Package Includes: 1 - Base with suction cup 1 - Food Hopper/Dispenser 1 - Food Pusher 1 - Crank Handle 1 - Slicing Blade 1 - Fine Shredding Blade 1 - Coarse Shredding Blade

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